How We Work

Over the years we have streamlined our approach around these key stages.

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Expect to spend more time on PR within the first 1-3 months whereby we get to know you, your business and your offering.
David will often spend a half a day to a day initially asking many questions to cover all basis such as areas of vulnerability and most importantly, identifying the “PR gems” and USPs which often go unnoticed. The PR process often uncovers an undiscovered marketing angle to your offering.

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From the outset we will create a plan containing of a range of activities which will be pursued for the following six-months to a year, including prescheduled features, responding to news or planning larger research-led stories.  This will dovetail into your marketing strategy and should not come as a surprise when it comes time to manifesting them.

Create The Story

Many businesses often make the mistake of telling PRs what they want to overtly promote – and it’s often a marketing message, rather than a PR one.  We will help you identify specifically what your PR angle needs to be to attract the high value publicity you’re aiming for.  It’s not about selling your product overtly, but rather about creating a relevant and informative story around it.

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We meet clients on average, monthly, in person (moreso in the initial stages), often at clients offices, and expect to be in daily email contact and regular telephone calls, especially when in the midst of rolling out a story.  Time spent on PR need not intrude with your business operations – we will always aim to work around you.  Many longstanding clients of Meerkat PR spend minimal time on their campaigns.  The best client conversations are often had when clients are hands free in the car or leaving the office – with us you have that flexibility.


When it comes to achieving stories in the press, the role of ‘pictures which tell stories’ is more important than ever.  We take particular pride in ensuring you have the best possible images which represent you and your business, and more importantly, those that get published. We always accompany clients on photoshoots to get that perfect shot. The days of ‘head and shoulders’ behind a blank wall are over, and we work with highly talented photographers who work for the national press to achieve the best possible images.

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Nervous about interviews? For those who have not been interviewed beforehand we will often coach and prepare you beforehand, discussing key questions, briefing you about the journalist and publications and help you prepare for any eventualities. Our aim is to build you up to being a confident media commentator.

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Whenever we achieve publicity, it is always tracked, scanned and sent to you, often on the same day as publication. We always provide advice on ‘making the most of your PR’ once it’s been achieved.

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Customer Bliss

Our ultimate goal when working with you is to get to a stage where we know your business, services and products, inside out, where you are spending minimal time on PR and gaining maximum results.  Speak to a number of our longstanding clients who can attest to the success of this process.

Our Guarantee

All of Meerkat PR’s clients have come through word of mouth referral, which is the ultimate form of marketing.  One of our biggest compliments to date was a referral from a senior business editor on one of the UK’s leading quality national newspapers, who thought we were worth recommending rather than one of London’s ‘top 50’ PR agencies.  Our service is guaranteed and if we cannot produce meaningful results for you, we will refund our fee. This, thankfully, is yet to happen.

What They Say About Us

Do you know the difference between your marketing message and your PR story?

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