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Publicity Campaigns

The media continues to fragment and your potential clients now read news from a multitude of sources, so how do you catch their attention?

Our talent, area of specialism and track record lies in creating impressive, high impact, quality articles which get noticed by clients and indexed by Google.

We will guide you every step of the way while we identify, create and secure these stories of worth. See ‘How We Work’ where this process is explained in detail. National, broadcast, trade, regional and local, we secure stories to fruition.

Digital Strategy

Although the most credible, PR is only one aspect of marketing communications.

Companies cannot ignore the importance of having relevant and value-adding messages from absolutely all channels. Daunted by thought of producing a mass of content?

We take the stress out of this process and create a platform where all your communications is directed from the PR campaign, economising time spent, maximising reach with the highest quality content.

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Consumer PR

While our strength is promoting people and their businesses, we have a unique way of promoting products. We create meaningful stories around them and position them to achieve news slots within the press beyond product placement.

Do you know the difference between your marketing message and your PR story?

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